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Establishing Visual Consistancy

While working alongside Goodwill, I focused on developing a clean modern look for internal communications and branded materials. The emphasis was placed on introducing a consistant visual language with no frills and allowing space for the long established history and strong identity of the brand to speak.

Connecting to the message

While developing campaigns to boost retail sales, donations numbers and special events, I was able to introduce a wider array of color and texture and explore messaging more deeply. I was able take into consideration what mediums were being used and how set the visual hiearchy in a way that captured and lead the viewers eye. 

Exploring Identity Systems

When exploring an idea for a campaign or when developing a visual identity system I like to create and pitch ideas through a stylescape. At this step in the process I will collect and arrange sympathetic typefaces, interesting textures, temporary imagery, strong iconography and compelling color palettes. 
The goal is to connect these elements to the key message or important copy like a tagline or call to action.